Numeric Domain Names.

Numeric domain names are domains constructed only by numbers.

For example: and are numeric domains.

Who you think has more value? Of course the .com one.

There is few things you need to know about numeric domains.

Firstly they have tremendous value over the Asian markets.

  • Shorter is better.
  • Sequence is very good. Repeating is awesome.
  • The number 4 sounds and known as the Chinese character 死 which means death. So stay away from this one if you aiming at the Chinese market.
  • Every other number is basically fair game, especially 8 which is the best. this number relates to fortune and prosperity.
  • There is a secret elusive meaning in the Chinese numbers. some of them sounds like real words and commonly used to describe actual things. 39 is actually thank you and 02825 can be 你要不要我 which means, you want me or not?

So if you are one of the lucky ones that keep a numeric short domain – we all envy you.

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