Keyword and Geo+keyword Domain Names.

<h1> What are keyword and geokeyword domain names? </h1>

They are a type of domains which is a “search like” domain.

Domains of that fashion are registered by putting yourself in the shoes of the user.

Think to yourself, “If i was searching pet supply stores what would I type in my favorite search engine?

Your answer probably is something in the sorts of petsupplystores or geo based search + keyword Рpetsupplystoreuk, or petsupplystorelondon. This is exactly the name you would want to register.

Now days there is a specific extension for .london, so you might want to register and not the .COM extension.

geokeyword stands for specifically geographic and keyword domain.

The idea is that you would gain extra attention and rank in search engine results as your domain is exactly what the user is looking for. Bare in mind that using keyword domain name doesn’t exclude you from making your website search engine optimized. You would definitely have to put some work into it.

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